In dentistry, as in all medicine, the main rule is “prevention is better than a cure.” A beautiful smile with white and bright, well-aligned teeth, along with healthy gums, is never achieved by chance but often through years of care and attention. Daily oral hygiene and regular dental care basics are the cornerstones of oral health. Having healthy teeth is possible by observing some simple, but useful, precautionary measures. To start, the toothbrush should be replaced as soon as the bristles appear worn. When brushing, the upper teeth should be brushed from top to bottom and vice versa for the lower (always from pink to white).


Having white and healthy teeth is one of the most coveted and sought-after aesthetic qualities. In many cases, unfavorable genetic characteristics, smoking, or consumption of certain foods or pigmented beverages like coffee, tea and artificial dyes, over time can cause dental dyschromia which robs teeth of their natural brightness and hue.

Our system uses the patented “cold light” technology and the special Beyond whitening gel together for a simple, safe and painless procedure that brings teeth back to their natural white color in just 30 minutes.


Dental restoration is a branch of dentistry with the purpose, as its name suggests, to preserve the teeth affected by cavities.

Studio Dentistico Graziano Fele performs treatments with minimal invasiveness, eliminating the decayed tissue and closing the cavity, subsequently restoring the shape and function of the tooth. Through the use of special materials and cutting-edge techniques and technologies, we can provide painless and anxiety-free dental care. In addition, we comply with advanced standards of sterilization of instruments and equipment.


The orthodontic practice is based on the use of braces, fixed or mobile, which guide the movement of teeth and modify the skeletal structures of the mouth, with the purpose of aligning the chewing organs and facial profile. In fact, a bad dental occlusion can cause muscle and joint dysfunction which can lead to postural disorders such as headache and back and neck pain. The doctors at Studio Dentistico Graziano Fele are able to determinate correct teeth alignment, consequently improving your health and enhancing facial harmony with the assurance of long-lasting results.


Dental prosthetic is a tool especially designed to replace the original set of teeth lost or compromised. A dental arch with one or more missing teeth can cause malocclusion and a series of other adverse conditions, including changes of facial appearance and phonation. Studio Dentistico Graziano Fele, always in the pursuit of excellence, is equipped with the latest technology. The staff develops a plan of care for each patient by combining clinical experience with the technical data which is processed and synthesized by cutting-edge software and 3D scanners.


Studio Dentistico Graziano Fele is among the few in Sardinia to practice computer-assisted implantology:

– First appointment (free of charge): Visit with radiographer, work and budget planning.
– Second meeting: Cone Beam Tomography, digital dental impression and virtual job simulation (for implants and/or prosthesis).
– Third meeting: implant insertion by using the flapless technique. Abutment application and teeth fastening, work concludes with resulting mastication alignment.